Have you ever considered converting your truck to super singles? There are a lot of factors to consider and I would highly recommend doing your research and speaking with the tire representative in your area. With that being said, I have listed a few advantages and disadvantages that super singles have over the traditional dual wheel set up. They might help some truck manufactures meet 2014 standards for lower greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the advantages, wide-base designs represent a mere 5% of the tire market currently. Whatever you or your fleet decides, Axle Surgeons® will be there to help you with a damaged spindle, day or night.


  • Fuel mileage improvement
  • 4 less tires to check pressure on
  • Weight savings – 1,272 when coupled with aluminum wheels
  • End worries about mismatching dual tires, a known cause of premature tread wear
  • The ride is better because the wider tires will not fall into the ruts on a highway
  • Can haul more with the weight savings of the tires


  • Issue with retreading the wide-base tires as many times as traditional tires
  • If a wide-base tire blows out, the truck cannot limp home, and the wheels are usually damaged in the process.
  • Very susceptible to irregular wear if they’re over-inflated or under-inflated
  • Unique maintenance needs to consider, need additional training for the maintenance staff
  • There have been reports of excessive spindle wear with two-inch outsets
  • Some drivers have reported that they get less traction in the snow with the wide-base tire.

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